Octopus Robotics is a small company looking for geeks who are passionate about socially beneficial robotics.

If you’ve got technical ability, a sense of humor, and experience or skill as a business/salesperson, please contact us and introduce yourself.

Sample interview questions:

  • Do you like robots?
  • Are you creative, cleverly weird, or unconventional in your approach to problem-solving?
  • What do you design, write, build, or create in your spare time?
  • What business acumen is needed in the product development and sales of research-level technology?
  • What are you really, really good at that is useful to a startup?
  • If you could make a robot do anything, would you automate that would contribute significantly to society?
  • What negative side-effects of technology anger you the most?

If you have good answers to these questions, contact us and join us in our quest to make cool robots.

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